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About Us

Consult Your Community (CYC) is a registered national 501(c)(3) nonprofit that inspires communities into action.

At Cornell's chapter, we mobilize college students to leverage their education, digital fluency, mentorship networks, and knowledge as customers to empower small business owners and drive change in Ithaca.
Our team engages in semester-long, skills-based projects, where students work hands-on in close groups to craft effective and impactful strategic recommendations for our clients with pro-bono service.


Why Small Business?

Small businesses are symbols of the American Dream brought to life. According to the Small Business Administration, they employ nearly 60% of the private workforce and created nearly 70% of net new jobs after the 2008 recession. The economy relies on small businesses, but they’re in trouble.

Our Vision

Our Model


Teams of 4 to 6 analysts are led by a more experienced undergraduate Engagement Manager over the course of the semester, supported by a dedicated group of faculty advisors, graduate students, and experienced professionals.


CYC focuses on actively working with business owners to implement real changes. Teams utilize the best of Cornell and Ithaca's resources to ensure that the organization is identifying areas of improvement and effectively working towards its mission.

Business Consulting
Interested? Check out our pro-bono
Consulting Services

We provide pro-bono consulting under a variety of projects based on your business goals. Our services range from from market research, pricing strategies, branding, and more! Utilizing data-driven approaches, we ensure a holistic understanding of your business’ mission, challenges, and goals.

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