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Previous Clients

Consumer Goods & Experience

Lively Run Dairy Farm


Lively Run Dairy is one of the longest-operating commercial goat dairies in the country, pioneering goat cheese in the American marketplace since 1982. The entire team at Lively Run works to continue the mission of crafting delectable artisan cheese inspired by the historic Finger Lakes food culture in a way that honors people, animals, and the land.

Coffee, Beer, & Specialty Items

Ithaca Coffee Company


Ithaca Coffee Company is a one-stop-shop for specialty coffee, artisan foods, fine craft beers, and gourmet gifts. With a wholesale arm and a retail arm, Ithaca Coffee Company offers small-batch roasting for those that want to upgrade their coffee as well as a place for everyday people to "explore and indulge in something special."

Retail & Consumer Goods

Alphabet Soup

Educational Toys

Alphabet Soup is a locally-owned and independent specialty toy store that offers fun and educational toys, including classic toys and newer releases. As a staple in Ithaca Commons for generations since 1984, Alphabet Soup provides entertainment for people of all ages, including adults who are able to revisit their childhoods through the vast sticker wall and high-quality toys of the store.


Northstar House

Pouring Beer

Northstar House is a pub and bistro located in the heart of the Ithaca Downtown region. Being a staple in the Ithaca community for many years, Northstar House provides a wide variety of foods. One of the most important things for them is that they support the small businesses in the Ithaca community by shopping for food items exclusively through the farmers markets and businesses in the region.


Ithaca Wine Ventures

Image by Chelsea Pridham

Ithaca Wine Ventures is a project-oriented small startup that focuses on providing innovative solutions, memorable experiences, and creating unique value propositions by leveraging expertise and the Ithaca and Finger Lakes wine region. Ithaca Wine Ventures is committed to taking on interesting and challenging projects that leverage the local community to make Ithaca more important in the eyes of Finger Lakes producers, and vice versa.


Flow Plus Pilates

Image by kike vega

Flow Plus Pilates is a female-founded fitness center organized to empower its clients in both private and group classes. Members have access to both a massage therapist and Pilates instructor. This semester, CYC will conduct a marketing strategy to engage with recurring and potential customers while adapting to the virtual environment.

Retail Books

Odyssey Bookstore


Odyssey Bookstore, named in honor of Ithaca and the original connections to The Odyssey, is a local bookstore celebrating what is special and unique about the town of Ithaca.

Odyssey has close to 8,000 books and offers delivery options for millions of other titles ranging from fiction to philosophy, science to science fiction, children's books to gardening, and much more.

Professional Development



The North American Food Systems Network (NAFSN) is a professional development association for people working together to strengthen local and regional food systems. NAFSN works to be a leader in the professional development of food systems practitioners, and the food systems profession itself, by tapping into a diverse network of food systems professionals who value community, collaboration, innovation, integrity, justice, equity, productivity, education, and efficacy

Digital & Leisure


In The Studio

GigFinesse is a data-driven service that connects musical artists directly to venues without the need for a middleman. By offering full transparency, GigFinesse looks out for the artist and helps them keep what they earn. GigFinesse aims to revolutionize the live music industry by empowering artists everywhere.

Community Orgs

Caleb’s Community Kitchen


Caleb’s Community Kitchen is an Ithaca-based community kitchen that aims to offer culturally diverse dishes to everyone. Currently in the idea phase, our client tasked us with identifying unique partnerships to supply ingredients, secure funding, and cut costs. Through our 2 work streams, we were successful in optimizing  logistical details to help our client make their idea into a reality.


Adelina's Pizza Truck


Adelina's Pizza Truck is an upcoming small business that operates in the Finger Lakes region. Formerly Adelina's, a warm cozy neighborhood restaurant that operated in Greenpoint in NYC, they serve vegan and vegetarian style pizza to the Ithaca area.


National Benefit Brokerage

A group of women at a business meeting

National Benefit Brokerage is a small business focusing on providing financial wealth and management advice and selling financial products to a group of varied clients. Select financial products include annuities and life insurance, in partnership with the Investment Center brokerage group.


If your organization is interested in our pro-bono services, please contact our Director of Engagements, Sam Fulmer ( or


Upon request, we will send out a more in-depth overview packet regarding our national organization, its services, and its past projects.

Check out some of our earliest clients!



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Indigo Rose

Local Ithaca Boutique

Visum Development

New York based real estate development group

Aladdin's Natural Eatery

Collegetown Mediterranean restaurant

Hand Work 

Ithaca Artisan's Cooperative

Volks Granola

Artisan granola start-up

Million Meals

Ithaca based non-profit


Education Nonprofit


Female Founded Tech Start Up


Ithaca Korean restaurant
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