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Your resume is an opportunity to showcase your experiences and background beyond what is presented in your written portion and will be used to better understand your community involvement and interests.

  • Start bullet points with unique action verbs

  • Quantify results

  • Avoid personal pronouns

  • Only include topics you understand and are relevant to your application

  • Highlight your achievements!

  • Be thorough, yet concise

Writing Tips

Layout Recommendations

While there is no strict format required for resumes, your resume format should be clean, concise, and consistent! Please refer to the template above.

  • Standard font, size 10-12

  • Dates aligned on right side

  • Demarcation of sections

  • Consistent spacing, styling, wording, and tenses

  • Fill out bullet point lines to the end of the page

  • One page only

Recommended Sections
The format and content of your resume may vary, but it's a good idea to cover the following sections at a minimum

1.      Education

Your college, major, minor, gpa, test scores, coursework, honors, awards, expected graduation date

3.      Extracurriculars

Highlight all transferable skills; showcase leadership

2.      Professional Experiences

What you've done, how you did it, why it matters; responsibilities and quantified results

4.      Skills and Interests

Include only content you can demonstrate or discuss coherently; be yourself



Business Casual

We ask for candidates to dress business casual during rounds.


What this means: Neat and appropriate office wear.



  • If you dress more masculine, it would be a button-down or sweater and solid color shoes.

  • If you dress more feminine, smart casual could be a dress, or any combination of skirts, blouses, button-down shirts, sweaters, and pants. 


We completely understand that not all students have access to professional clothing. If you would like to be provided with clothing, we encourage you to reach out to The Wardrobe or email any of our e-board members.


The Wardrobe offers a rental model as well as a pop-up shop once a semester.

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